Tresh Medical and Bionics

Tresh Medical and Bionics is a cybernetics, droid and medicine company that specializes in cyborg prosthesis, implants, droid brains and chemical supplements. They create several models of 1st and 2nd degree droids in the medical, technical, scientific and analysis areas. They started sometime during the New Sith Wars and quickly rose to a top corporation with it’s streamlined cybernetic to humaniod interface allowing less problems installing and maintaining their equipment. Tresh and cyborgs parts became synonymous after awhile. Their presence has diminished since the end of the war, as there is less of a demand for prosthesis during peace time and have created a line of droid based on their technology to fill the gaps in their bottom line.

Since it’s rise there has been much jealousy from it’s competitors and corporate espionage has become a problem. Tresh has become increasingly secretive in it’s business, withdrawing from most of the perks it receives from Republic lobbying. Recent legislation currently on the debate table, the Critical Worlds Prosperity Act, will disrupt critical supplies it needs for it’s business in favor or slash and burn mining operations, particularly their bio-chemical harvesting and electrum mining on Cathar.


C2-A1, a courier and counter espionage droid used to ferry sensitive information from person to person and place to place.

Tresh Medical and Bionics

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