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Welcome to Champions of the Old Republic

The Republic has defeated the Sith threat once and for all and is entering a time of unpresidented peace. 10 years has passed since the war and a new generation of heroes is being trained, but is there even a threat for them to test their mettle against? As they find their place in the galaxy there are those that would take advantage of the peace for their own greedy ends, but is there something more sinister lurking just beyond reach?

A new crop of Jedi are being trained on Coruscant, and to make sure these recruits never fall to the dark side stringent rules are applied for their education. This has lead to a secret fraternity within the padawans were they can practice advanced force techinques the order won’t teach them. Will their pursit of knowledge lead them down a false path or are the Jedi Order’s restriction the catalyst that will lead to a new order of Jedi rising from the fraternity?

Corporate Espionage is big buisness in the galaxy. Many corporations work hard to intercept the plans of their rivals to deny them monopolies on markets. Enter the corporate courier: pilots and security whose job it is to ferry sensitive information from one port to another. Tresh Medical and Bionics has been working closely with Jedi Master Sconce to upgrade his cybernetic parts he recived in the old war, but who else has it’s eye on this cutting edge technology?

The planet Cathar has begun to engage the rest of the Galaxy and re-joined the newly rebuilding Republic. There are many other war devastated planets still in desperate need of resources, such that the planet Cathar has in abundance. New legislation may let outside corporations plunder the Cathar world, but they are ready to fight back. If the legislation passes it could mean a new sedition war, but perhaps a peaceful resolution can still be achived.

This is a Star Wars Saga based RPG with a few rules changes. Take a look at the wiki for the rules changes that includes a limit on what races a player can play. That game will be 10 AM to 3 PM at Top Deck Games in San Antonio TX.

The game has ended but a new one has begun: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/eotesa

Home Page

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