Tag: Human


  • Parx Sconce

    Parx Sconce was a Jedi durning the New Sith Wars. He fought bravely on the front lines and his scars run deep. In one battle he was near death, and only the medical technology of [[Tresh Medical and Bionics]] saved him. His injuries were so extensive …

  • Ted Erie

    Ted Erie is a free wielding, fun-loving guy who loves to get cause a bit of trouble. He specializes in lightsaber technique and hopes to become a very good duelist. He is a lithe, blonde young man who has a charming smile.

  • Palm Wheeling

    Palm Wheeling is a straight laced student of the Jedi Academy. He gets very good grades and is somewhat of a teachers pet. He is very diligent in his studies and works hard to get ahead, but his efforts are seen by others as sucking up. He is not very …

  • Director Ran Questor

    The top level management officer for the [[Czerka Mining Facility Cathar]]. He's been there for three years, taking over after the facility was built.