Scout employed by Thresh Corp to ferry sensitive information. He eagerly goes to work knowing each mission furthers the greater if not noble cause of medicine and life enhancing cybernetics.


Tub (Updated as of 2012.7.21)

Player: Duncan
Class Scout [level 3]
Race: Lurmen
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 4.5


Strength: 6
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 8


  • Fortitude: 13
  • Reflex: 18
  • Will: 16

  • Damage Threshold: 13
  • HP: 30
  • Speed: 4 (standard), 8 (rolling)
  • Force Points: 6 ( Used: 0 )
  • Destiny Points: 2

Trained Skills:

  • Initiative: +8
  • Knowledge – Life sciences: +9
  • Knowledge – Galactic Lore: +9
  • Mechanics: +9
  • Perception: +9
  • Pilot: +8
  • Ride: +8
  • Stealth: +13
  • Treat Injury: +9 + 3^

^ Treat Injury: As a species bonus Lurman reduce treat injury DC for all applications by their wisdom modifier.


  • Advantageous Cover ( pg. 31 Force Unleashed )
  • Skill Training: Treat Injury
  • Weapons Proficiency (simple weapons only)
  • Implant Training

Advantageous Cover: Take no damage from area attacks when have cover.


  • Evasion ( pg. 50 Core rule book )
  • Acute Senses (core)

Evasion: On area attacks take 1/2 damage if normally take full, or none if normally take 1/2.
Acute Senses: May choose to re-roll any Perception check, take second result.


  • Basic
  • Lurmese
  • Durese
  • Binary
  • Zeltron


  • Memory Implant
  • Data pad
  • Tool Kit
  • Med Pack (0)
  • Training remote
  • Small plasma crystals (15)
  • Credits: 7,788

Memory Implant: Can re-roll any knowledge check. Condition track and will save penalties: See notes.

Weapon Proficiency

  • Simple only


(Good stuff)

  • Can take 10 to climb (anytime)
  • May re-roll any Knowledge check (Memory Implant)
  • Reduce Treat Injury DC for all applications by wisdom modifier.
  • Take no dmg from area attacks when have cover.
  • May re-roll perception checks.

(Bad stuff)

  • -


Homeworld: – Maridun


Tub had a very strong sense of wanderlust from childhood. He developed a unique skill set somewhat alien to most Lurmen yet never strayed from his roots… cause no harm to others.

His interest and aptitude for medicinal cures on Maridun eventually provided Tub an income as well as the gratitude from those he helped. He fell into contact with locals and off world folk alike. He developed a knack for galactic lore, expanded his medical skills and learned to pilot small craft in order to locate and transport the sick and injured. Many times his job would be search and rescue in nature and the most available transportation might be in disrepair. In order to continue working he had to become a good mechanic. His reliability as a field medic and source of transportation for those who were helpless and/or in dire situations earned him a reputation that caught the eye of an enterprising Thresh employee.

In secrete, Thresh hired Tub for a job that was designed to test his honesty, integrity and competence. Lermen are unimposing small creatures, making Tub ideal for courier, escort, and delivery jobs clandestine in nature. Few would suspect a pacifistic species like the Lurmen to be ferrying strategic corporate secretes or individuals. Tub’s medical expertise would come in handy should “problems” occur. He could keep is charges alive while getting them to the proper destination. He received further skill training from Thresh before he was fully employed in the field.

Tub loves his job and can’t think of anything else he would rather do right now. He meets very interesting people in often exciting situations. He gets to see many parts of the galaxy that he would never otherwise see. He makes good money. He is always learning and most importantly, he gets to use his skills for a noble purpose. In helping a company that makes medical supplies that help others, his job very fulfilling.


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