Sulvar Tuum, Sulvar the Avalanche

Cathar warrior-turned-leader (...of warriors)


Cathar male. (Feline Anthropoid)
He stands 6’2" and weighs 229 lbs.
28 years of age.
Dark-fur covering masculine physique and taut muscle.
Orange eyes.
Wears flashy aristocratic clothing, very light in design (in case he needs to react to something.

Level 3 Soldier
Strength 16 (3)
Dexterity 15 (
Constitution 14 (2)
Intelligence 10 (
Wisdom 8 (-1)
Charisma 10 (+0)

Fortitude 18
Reflex 18
Willpower 12

Trained Skills
Climb 7, Endurance 6, Initiative 6, Knowledge: Tactics 6, Stealth 6

Hitpoints: 50
Damage Threshold: 18
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Speed: 8
Force Points: 6
Cathar abilities
-Natural Weapon: Claw 1d10
-1/Encounter make a claw attack as a swift action
-Cathar Tactics: Climb and Stealth always trained class skills

-Melee Smash
-Expert Grappler

-Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium
-Martial Arts I, II
-Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons

-Neo-Crusader Light Armor
-Padded Flight Suit
-Sporting Blaster Pistol w/ power pack
-Blaster Carbine w/ power pack and retractable stock
-Short-range comm link
-Datacard, 10
-Hip Holster
-Glow Rod
-292.5 credits


Sulvar Tuum began life as a scavenger until about his early teenage years on various space-docks, where he, along with most young men/women of his pack, were pushed into indendtured labor or (the more prefered method) mercenarial work, though Sulvar was pushed into arena pit-fighting. He resented this “occupation” at first, then grew to love it as he discovered a knack for combat, earning the stage name Sulvar the Avalanche (a joke on his black fur).
It wasn’t until he was 22 when he had gained enough prestige, along with a few other pit-fighters he befriended, to buy into other career positions, usually into military forces or even entertainment industries (defaulting to their respective peoples’ inner spheres); Sulvar bought into a militarial-advisor seat in the Cathar government’s cabinet, although an electoral shift reluctantly led to his nomination for the actual Minister of War cabinet seat, which he won primarily because of his prowess and scars. Sulvar never quite felt like a politician, but this position filled a hole in his heart to impact the Cathar people for the galactic arena, shrugging off generations of oppression. He has a respect for Senator Dryeth’s political leadership and performs the best he can.

Sulvar Tuum, Sulvar the Avalanche

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