Parx Sconce

Jedi Master and Teacher


Human Cyborg Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 5/Jedi Master 3


Parx Sconce was a Jedi durning the New Sith Wars. He fought bravely on the front lines and his scars run deep. In one battle he was near death, and only the medical technology of Tresh Medical and Bionics saved him. His injuries were so extensive that he periodically needs upgrades and assistance from the medical corporation to this day.

Since the war he has lead a life of peace, rarely traveling away from the Jedi Temple and using his time to find enlightenment while teaching padawans. He is a very careful and private person, but very caring to his students. His door is always open to them if they have a problem. He has been asked to serve on the Jedi Council but turned down the opportunity, stating that the stress of those types of positions are things he has left in the past. Still, those on the council respect Sconce and his voice carries a great deal of weight with them when he does choose to speak.

Parx Sconce

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